Hand made Quality Natural Products, for the Natural you.

We make our own Organic natural Lip balm.

Just select what scent you prefer and we will make a batch just for you.


Comes in PepperMint, Lemon, Natural coconut, Lavender and other scents available on request.



All our body creams are made of natural ingredients and are suitable for many skin types and conditions.


We have non fragranced creams for sensitive skin types and if you prefer to make up your own simply let us know and we will find the natural organic ingredients to make a batch for you.


Our selection of Hair products range from Natural hair washing conditioners to  natrual hair gels to sculpture your hair how you desire.


We will soon have a full range on the site so keep a look out, if you have any ideas or a request please dont hesitate to contact us .

PNBALANCE Supports many organisations from Sickle Cell to cerebral-palsy to  Community Rebuilding projects, young offenders and we support independant organisations that taking care of the elderly.

We run projects that help in purchasing of Medical and food aid as well as equipment for children and families with disabilities, illnesses such as those who suffer from Cancer, Strokes, Aputaions etc...

We are proud to support many childrens sociteys and projects that help find children loving caring families, orphans, childrens tutors and mush more.

A percentage of your purchase will be going towards these causes, so you will not just be buying a product , but rather you'll be helping us to help others .


Thanks you in advance from us all at PNBALANCE.COM


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